Conferences and Seminars

Conference organisers

Organizations invest in conferences to tap into new opportunities for focused learning and networking in an ambient environment that fosters an effective exchange of ideas.

We recognize these nuances and use our years of expertise to make conference events stimulating and seamless for the participants from conceptualization to execution.

Awards Nights

Award Nights organisers

Award nights are meant to be exhilarating and fun-filled gatherings with fanfare and commendations.

We imbibe every essence of this when we arrange award nights, making them thrilling and inspiring, especially for the awardees.

We are assiduous, and resonate with our clients’ specifications right from aesthetics to logistics.

Team Building

Team Building Activities

No organization can function without its teams being productive.

However, indispensable teams are by-products of a tacit as well as explicit understanding among its members. Whenever organizations need to strengthen team bonds, our prowess is at their disposal.

We provide end-to-end management and support for such activities in different scales and locations, as desired.


Exhibition management / exhibition organisers

Exhibitions are avenues for businesses to meet their customers on the frontline, and serve as valuable means of developing relationships with potential or existing customers.

Our team makes it a point to thread the brand identity of our clients across the event and create synchronicity that allows them to optimize and leverage the platform to its full potential.


Concert Planners / Concert organisers

Nothing can match the cultural immersion of a concert for music aficionados.

A concert is a party for the artists and their fans and we like to equal that passion with our arrangements.

We have the scale and technical soundness to support the guidelines of our clients to create an indelible experience, and partake in their enthusiasm for the event while mitigating their challenges.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

We bring in the expertise required to produce events, which can help breathe new life into your meetings, promotions, training, or company as a whole. We provide a whole array of services which includes mainly corporate events like conferences, seminars, team building events, award ceremonies & the works.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

We bring in the expertise, which focus on three critical aspects of business: People, Process & Technology. The process designed, to deliver the desired outcomes for our corporate clients.

1) HR & Analytics
Objective of the HR Analytics Intervention

The proposal aims to build internal capabilities for mid-level and senior HR professionals; to help leverage data insights & take well informed and high impact decisions.

2) Managing Conflicts & Crisis
Workshop objectives

• Analyze & understand reasons for workplace conflict

• Conflict handling techniques in a workplace

• Crisis management

• Proactive approach management

• Time management

3) Art of Negotiation
Workshop objectives

• Reduce sales cycle – contact to closure

• Improve conversions – higher ‘Hit’ ratio

• Better objection handling – effective use of value propositions(the cases are not constant)

Wedding Events

Wedding Events

We bring in a whole range expertise, involved in the wedding planning process. With major focus on design & décor; we assemble our teams of service providers/professionals to provide unlimited professional advice. We’ll ensure every aspect is well managed on your special day.